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Médula is a contemporary dance piece by the Exire Company in collaboration with Entremans, created by Alba Fernández and Ana Beatriz Pérez.

A co-production with AGADIC, the Galician Choreographic Center and Artestudio Xestión Cultural. The piece is based on the female figure. It is inspired by the transmission and the legacy that the predecessors leave in us, leaving a tangible mark on our identity. Two generations, two cultures and the same bridge that brings us closer together.

Creation, direction and Interpretation: Alba Fernández and Ana Beatriz Pérez

Choreographic advice and video: Armando Martén

Original Music, Voice and Composition: María Move
Musical Production: Raúl Grillo
Scenic Space: RTA Team
Lighting: RTA (Diego Villar)
Costumes: Ramón Santos and Olalla Armada
Photography: Andrés Nadal
Video: Pablo Rodríguez (Reclip)
Co-production: Artestudio Xestión Cultural and Centro Choreografico Galego
Distribution: Artestudio Xestión Cultural.
Duration: 60 min.

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