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Kirenia Celia Martínez Acosta


Santa Clara, Cuba 1980

Dancer, actress and choreographer.



Title of Upper Middle Level of Professional Technical Education, in the specialty of Acting, by the National School of Art of Cuba.
Title of 1st Level of Contemporary Dance Dancer.



Training as an actress at the National School of Arts in Havana. (1997-2000).
Founded Cía. RETAZOS DANCE-THEATER, Cuba (1998-2003)
Founded the company Entremans (2006)

From 2006 to 2008 she participated in two of the productions of the Galician Choreographic Center "Vacuo" by Maruxa Salas and "El kiosco de las almas perdidas" by Roberto Oliván.



1st Prize at the Festival Danzan-dos de Matanzas (CUBA) 2001.
1st Prize in the solo modality of the Choreographic Contest Danza Calvia, Palma de Mallorca (2005).
1st Prize for Choreography V International Choreography Contest of Burgos & New York with the work "En la Cuenca de tus Ojos" (July 2006) Choreographer and Dancer.
1st Prize of the IV Choreographic Contest of Galicia (2006) Choreographer and dancer.

She combines her creations with formative work, theatrical collaborations and choreographic assistance for other companies and artists.
2009 "Concerto bewilderment" for Alexis Fernández.
2009 Choreographs and directs the Choreographic Research Workshop "KYRA" (2009) for the Galician Choreographic Center.

2010 "ANEIS" for Branca Novoneyra.
2010 “GAME OVER” for Branca Novoneyra. 2010 “TULIPAN” for David Loira.
2011 “DALE VIDA” by Shlomi Bitton

2012 Choreographer of the parade "THE BLACK PLEASURE" in MAOS HÁBITOS, (Porto) and "THE BLACK PLEASURE" in the Paraninfo of the Santiago de Compostela University.



She models and directs together with Román Montesinos “Evanescencias” a photographic project on conceptual nude and visual metaphors (2010-2011)
Dancer and actress in the dance video "Blondy's Coffee next to the body" by Masako Hattori (2011)
Model for the firm PISIONERO Fall-Winter 2011 Collection by the designer Rosario Vidal Ferreño (2011)

Model for the painter Gosia Trebacz in a limited edition of Editorial BOREAL by Manuel Mariño (2011)
Photographic model for Román Montesinos in various photographic projects (2010 - 2011)

Model for the Fall-Winter 2011 collection "Meat & Dream" by the designer Gonzalo Vásquez (2011)

Model for the Spring-Summer 2012 collection "Silencio" by designer Gonzalo Vázquez.
Choreographer and model of the Fall-Winter collection show "The Black Pleasure"

in MAOS HÁBITOS, PORTO and “The Black Pleasure” in the Auditorium of the University of Santiago de Compostela (2012) being also the image of the poster of this collection by the designer Gonzalo Vázquez.
Currently, she continues to co-direct Cía Entremans and develop her choreographic research work within the same company.

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