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Iceberg 2.JPG

Dance Solo by  Contemporary Dance Company Entremans for unconventional spaces.

Synopsis: White crest that advances simulating stillness. A slender creature with an adorable mask that shows the friendliest side underneath who knows, don't ask, too much volume is scary. He travels in a sweet slide, he feels little and yesterday's face has turned around, nobody foresees his strategy. It moves slowly, visible, reminding us that it is indestructible until something suddenly changes.

Sometimes the most solid is so brittle that a subtle impact can change it in an instant.

Iceberg is inspired by the metaphor of the iceberg, those things that appear before our eyes in a form and underneath are totally different from what is expected.

Creation and interpretation: Ana Beatriz Pérez.

Music: Various Authors.

Costumes: Cia Entremans

Choreographic assistance: Armando Martén

Production and Distribution: Artestudio Xestión Cultural.

Duration: 15 min.

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