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A project in which the fundamental idea is to bring together knowledge from a visual and imaginative perspective. The show is aimed at a child and family audience, from 3 years old. With a very engaging and extremely careful language.

GAIA is a unique journey in which painting, music, audiovisuals and dance help us discover and understand the intensity, power and beauty of the characteristics of our planet and its natural treasures.

Script: Kirenia C. Martínez.

Choreography, Direction and Interpretation: Kirenia C. Martínez and Estefanía Gómez.

Stage director: Kirenia C. Martínez.

Scenography: RTA Creative Team (Xacobo) and Entremans Company.

Costumes: Santos Salgado and Compañía Entremans.

Sound space: Carla López and Iago Mouriño

Lighting: RTA Creative Team (Diego)

Sound Voiceover: Ramiro Neira and Estefanía Gómez.

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