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Blondy's coffee is a single piece for two women

The project

The matrix of the piece is located in the photographic project of Román Montesinos and Kirenia Martínez, Evanescencias, a work where the female body is displayed on a map of visual metaphors.
This feminine concept would be the starting point of the choreographic process, looking for the dance to emerge as a distillation of the photographic concept.
Blondy's coffee single piece for two women is a feminine piece of a conceptual and metaphorical nature, a personal vision of human emotions. The desire to break away from domestication and return to nature.
The complexity of the structure lies in a non-linear dramaturgy where the sequence of micro stories outline the relationship of the characters and their identities. Masako Hattori's audiovisual proposal is another fabric within the piece that brings together and expands the inner journey of the characters in a timeless world.

Two women immersed in boredom take refuge in strange hobbies in search of new emotions that give them back their own nature, a habitat where they can find themselves with their miseries and their greatness ... a journey through the labyrinth of the female mind.

If life is a game and you are fed up with yours ...
In whose skin do you keep your memories?

Direction, Creation and Interpretation: Kirenia Martínez and Beatriz Pérez.
Lighting: Octavio Mas.
Audiovisual: Masako Hattori.
Musical arrangement: Shlomi Bitton.
Production: Artestudio Xestión Cultural.
Distribution: Estefanía Vázquez.
Duration: 50 min.

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