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Menguantes is a piece that delves into the temporal universe of two individuals who are getting older. Bodies that go through the path of change where everything seems to go faster than usual and where running is perhaps not an option. Another galaxy awaits you.

From a minimalist and futuristic perspective, the body is presented as an irreplaceable motor machine, gears with an expiration date, failures in the operating system, the eternal debate between wanting and being able, and in them the firm desire to continue.
The least they could do is stop to contemplate the world, the most they want is to keep walking.



When everything stops, listen to the dwindling animal, you will feel the beauty of its silence.


Leaves fall like your hair
The rain is barely felt
Without realizing it, the flowers bloom
The rain continues, your hair falls and the brightness of your eyes remains.

Authorship, interpretation and direction: Ana Beatriz Pérez and Armando Martén.

Sound space: Ismael Berdei.
Voiceover: Rocío González.
Costume: Ruth Pereira.

Photography: Raquel Castro.
Duration: 16 min
Distribution: Artestudio Management Cultural

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