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I think it all has to do with the terrible circumstance of being surrounded by water everywhere ... Fortunately it has only been a blackout of the soul. This lasted about an hour, but it was enough to leave a black coffee aroma that gave an apotheosis of memories with faces, murmurs, illusions and anecdotes, some true and others not. Dancing in a kind of nostalgic aura that apparently protected angry memories. Oh grandma! You, in your armchair rocking cubanía with shouts, kisses, bolero and rum ... ".

Creation: Alexis Fernández (Maca)

Dramaturgy: Kirenia Martínez.

Interpretation: Caterina Varela, Kirenia Martínez Armando Martén and Alexis Fernández.

Music: Mercedes Peón and Cía Entremans.

Production: Galician Choreographic Center and Artestudio Xestión Cultural.

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