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The lived experience is creaking half a meter from oneself, only that mere distance separates us that makes the facts unreal ... how much can one live at half a meter ... how far it can take us away ...
Half a meter like two islands.
Half a meter from what has been experienced, he speaks of that distance that marks the details, the intense moments, the instants of impermeability that we offer ourselves to the routine. It is a couple of humans who know each other's step, each look or breath, intuit it, challenge it, ignore it.
A duet where the dynamics and continuity of the movement generates the climate and marks the relationship of the performers.


Direction: Kirenia Celia Martínez and Leodán Rodriguez.
Performers: Kirenia Celia Martínez and Jordi Vilaseca
Music: various authors.
Duration: 13 min.
Distribution: Artestudio Xestión Cultural

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