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39 and a half is a metaphorical work that is based on a daily discourse about that moment of wanting to buy some shoes and not finding the half number that we are missing. He talks about the "lasts and measures" that identify us, the ones that equal us. Those imposed systems that simplify an endless number of qualities and details that make us unique. How do we adapt to the standard? And what that means.
-I love…
-Is there my number?
-Do they give in over time?
-Recommended adaptation time?
-Any contraindication?
-Can they be returned?


Creation and Direction: Kirenia Martínez
Interpretation: Ana Beatriz Pérez
Musical arrangement: Shlomi Bitton
Design and wardrobe: Gonzalo Vázquez
Photography: Román Montesinos
Duration: 15 min
Production: Cía entremans and Artestudio Xestión Cultural

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