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Entremans is a contemporary dance company created in 2006 by Cuban dancers living in Galicia.

In its 15 years of work, it has become a benchmark for contemporary dance in the Galician community. The essence of his work has as its starting point the body, connecting it with its own poetics that is linked to the human being, to what moves us, the impulses, emotions, deficiencies and dreams.

Its members from different generations, complement their work under three fundamental strands, the Cuban contemporary dance technique and its miscegenation in connection with other more current methodologies, as well as concepts of theater dance and interpretation.

They expand their work with shows for adults and in the last 4 years for children and families, they combine their creative work together with the training of students with regular classes in different Educational Centers of the City, as well as offering workshops, choreographic consultancies and collaborations with other dance artists and other disciplines.

Entremans is part of the artistic team that organizes the Na Rúa Quincegotas Dance Festival in the city of La Coruña.


1st prize Danza Calvia 2005.

1st prize of the Choreographic Contest of Burgos-New York 2006.
1st prize in the 2006 Galicia Choreographic Creation Contest.
1st prize, Critics Award 2008.
Audience Award at the 2008 Madrid Choreographic Contest.
1st prize for an outstanding dancer in the Choreographic Contest of Galicia 2006.

His creations have been presented at different national and international festivals (Cuba, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, Brazil, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Portugal, Hungary).




En la cuenca de tus ojos (2006)
Hasta que no te lo comas todo… (2006)
A palo seco (2006)

Patada de mulo (2006)
Mapas (2007)

El buey solo bien se lame (2008)

Dejándome (2009)

A medio metro de lo vivido (2009)
Concerto Desconcerto (2009)

Sí quiero (2009)
39 y medio (2011)
Blondy’s Coffee pieza sola para dos mujeres (2011)

Amediometrados (2014)

Xoga- espectáculo para público infantil y familiar a partir de 3 años (2015)

Solo un deseo (2015)

Gaia- espectáculo para público infantil y familiar a partir de 3 años (2018)

Iceberg (2020)

Amparo ó outro lado ( 2021)

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