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Armando Manuel Martén Caballero


Santiago de Cuba, 1963

He began his studies at the National School of Arts in Havana (1974-1981), upon graduation he began his career as a professional in the Contemporary Dance Company of Cuba where he obtained the title of principal dancer.
He carries out his artistic work with the company for 20 years traveling through various national and international cities and combining his career on certain occasions with teaching.

In 2001 he traveled to Spain invited by the Druida Danza company as a dancer and teacher. He is part of the Trespasando Company with which he won two choreography awards and participated in different Festivals and Galas in various Spanish cities until 2004.
2004-2005. He worked with the Experimenta Danza Company participating in several projects, highlighting Meltemi, created by Damián Muñoz in collaboration with the group.
2006. Co-director of the Entremans Company.
He collaborates as a choreographer in the film A casa da Luz, by the Vimbio Films production company.
He participates as a choreographer in the theater piece As Dunas directed by Quico Cadaval, sponsored by La Xunta de Galicia for the Centro Dramático Gallego.
He collaborates with the Escoitar group and the sound spaces project in different Galician cities, A Coruña, Santiago and Lugo.
He collaborates as a choreographer in the project "O corazón na Botella" at the Center

Educational Galén of the city of Lugo.
Together with Ana Beatriz Pérez, he creates and interprets the choreographic segments of the theater piece 0.7% Molotov by Santiago Cortegoso for the company Teatro de Ningures.


He began his pedagogical work in 1987 teaching dance classes at the National Dance School of Havana and at the Contemporary Dance Company of Cuba.

1991. Invited as a dancer to the Caribbean Arts Festival in Guadaloupe and Martinique where he also teaches modern Cuban dance classes to the members of the Company.
1999. He teaches several courses in Haiti, Guadaloupe and in A Coruña.
2001. He teaches dance classes to the Druida Dance Company.
Since 2002 he has been a professor at the Professional Dance Conservatory of the Diputación de A Coruña and at Artestudio Danza y Teatro.
He has been invited to teach dance courses at the Lugo Professional Dance Conservatory.
Invited professor by the Galician Choreographic Center to teach regular classes in production periods of the center and to a master class.
He teaches a dance workshop for Lenka Bartunkova's Pez project in Prague, Czech Republic.
He is invited as a teacher to the Rudra Béjart Dance School in Lausanne, Switzerland. He is invited as a teacher to the Beijing Dance Academy in China, in addition to teaching a master class within the 2nd International Ballet and Choreography Competition in the same city.
He is invited as a teacher for 4 years at the Dancearea School of Geneva Switzerland. Since 2015, he has been invited every summer to teach Dance classes at the Ruth Page Center in Chicago in person, as well online during the past year.


2001. Third prize at the Madrid Choreographic Contest with Trespasando.

2003. Third prize in the first Galician Choreographic Contest with ERA by Bárbara Monteagudo.
2005. First prize in the Madrid Choreographic Contest with Meltemi de Damián Muñoz and Experimenta Danza as well as the Second Prize in the Choreographic Contest of Galicia with the same piece.
2006. First prize in the Burgos-New York Choreographic Contest in the city of Burgos.
2006. First prize in the IV Choreographic Contest of Galicia.

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